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Comet is a digital wallet that lets you manage crypto and access blockchain applications directly through your browser. No middlemen, only you in charge.

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Comet Aims to Become Your Multichain Wallet.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of managing multiple wallets. Experience the power of a seamless Web3 with just one wallet.

VeChain VeChain Live
Ethereum Ethereum Planned
Polygon Polygon Planned
BNB Chain BNB Chain Planned
Base Base Planned
Optimism Optimism Planned
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Experience Web3, the Next Generation of the Internet

Connect to your favorite blockchain applications or sign blockchain transactions, anywhere and anytime, in a quick and secure manner. You are always in control when interacting with the decentralized web.

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Complete Ownership Over Your Data and Assets by Holding Your Own Keys.

By holding your own keys, you can rest assured that no third-party will have access to your assets or be able to restrict your access to them. Comet is a self-custody wallet for Web3 that offers complete freedom and flexibility.

You can create or import your wallet with ease and start managing your digital assets without any middlemen or supervision. Say goodbye to the restrictions and limitations imposed by traditional centralized wallets and take charge of your digital assets with Comet.

Your keys, your crypto, your control.

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Now available for vechain as Google Chrome browser extension. Download Comet.

Take Back Control.
Start Using Comet Today.

In a world where our digital lives are increasingly important, it’s crucial to have control over our valuable assets and data. That’s why using a self-custody wallet like Comet is so important.

No more worries about third-party access or limitations imposed by centralized wallets. It’s time to take back control and embrace the freedom and flexibility of a truly self-custodial wallet.

Start using Comet today and experience the power of true ownership and control over your digital life.

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Want To Use Comet With
Your Own DApp?

Want to offer your users a secure self-custodial wallet solution? Integrate Comet into your dApp today! With our APIs and developer tools, integration is a breeze.

Get in touch to learn more about integrating Comet into your own dApp and give your users the power to truly own and control their digital assets.

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Want To See Your Blockchain Supported by Comet?

With Comet’s self-custodial wallet, you can offer your users a secure and user-friendly way to manage their digital assets on your blockchain, while also benefiting from our advanced security and industry expertise.

Don’t settle for anything less. Get in touch and let’s take your users their blockchain experience to the next level.

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